Church of Tzaddi

Experiencing the infinite, loving, co-creative presence of the Divine

7. Recognition/Communion Min

Caring Lesson 7. Recognition/Communion of Souls

Summary of skill

  • Recognition is a coming into focus, that sensation of “Yes, I am familiar with this, I know this energy, I am oriented now to where I am and who is around me” and “Ah-hah, this is what is happening”
  • Recognition of a soul is a deeper level of perception and recognition than recognition of someone’s personality or physical body; you are recognizing a spiritual being who is having an earthly experience
  • Energy level: Recognition, soul to soul, goes beyond a theoretical or abstract level of understanding; it involves a sensation of deep resonance with the person before you, and it opens a space of connection, compassion, hospitality, and immediacy that helps build trust and helps prepare the way for your pastoral care; recognition is rapport at a much deeper level; another word for recognition might be “communion”


  • Partner exercise: Where and how do you yearn for greater recognition/communion in your life? Client presents, and facilitator practices Active Compassionate Listening. Switch roles. Write up your session as a client and write up your session as facilitator using the Practicum form (you can download the form using the link below).

Resources for reflection & discussion

  • Core Lesson 006, Amy Skezas, Offering Spiritual Counseling, pp. 12 – 15, “Rapport” and “Compassion”