Church of Tzaddi

Experiencing the infinite, loving, co-creative presence of the Divine

Light Centers

Tzaddi Light Centers are hubs of light, a place for gathering together and experiencing the sacred in community, under the guidance of a Tzaddi elder who directs the Light Center.

Light Centers host ceremonies, run educational programs, and help bring balance to the Earth. We welcome people who are looking for a place to be able to have mystical experience and affirmation of their vibrant, living, spiritual connections.

Our current Light Centers and their Directors are:

Earthwalk, Rev. Lorraine Weber

The EarthWalk Spiritual Center offers single, multi-day, and year-long journeys into the depth of the psyche for the purpose of transforming, integrating and expanding human expression into the truth of each participant’s unique being.

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Soul Light Center, Rev. Dr. Sue Rohweder

There is a basic relationship between the health of the Earth and the experience of the sacred. As connection with the sacred grows more tenuous, fewer and fewer areas of the Earth will remain alive and wild and sacred. This desacralizing of the world is then a modern phenomenon . . . [When] countries have no integral mystical tradition that is given cultural recognition and support [, the] human tendency to experience the sacred is not lost, but in such cases, it becomes a debased and furtive experience. Those people who have mystical experience have no cultural guidelines to direct their development, no elders. They cannot overtly be recognized for their condition (being in contact with the sacred) nor can they bring the knowledge and renewal of life energy they gain from such direct spiritual experience to their community—one of its main purposes. As a result, the culture itself begins to lose a sense of meaning and direction and the land on which the culture is founded becomes increasingly degraded. For a society to remain viable its members must frequently renew their connection with the REAL.—Stephen Buhner, Sacred Plant Medicine, p. 12