Church of Tzaddi

Experiencing the infinite, loving, co-creative presence of the Divine

12. Unmet Needs & Longings Doc Min

Fostering Lesson 12. Unmet Needs & Longings (Ethics)

Summary of skill

  • Raise awareness of ethical issues involved for you in caring for souls
  • Foster an interest in self-development and considering what you are carrying into your work


  • Discussion: Being aware of and curious about tensions around our own unmet needs and longings, and attending to the way they show up for us in our work and in our lives. This puts us in touch with energy that has been hidden or locked away from us and helps us set appropriate boundaries for the exercise of our authentic power.
  • Reflection: Review the Tzaddi Ethics Codes and identify your most intense, unmet need/longing.
  • Partner exercise: Discuss your most intense, unmet need/longing with a partner who practices Active Compassionate Listening. Switch roles.

Resources for reflection & discussion

  • Tzaddi Ethics Codes, Amy Skezas, ed., Ethics Guide for Spiritual Helpers & Communities
  • Kylea Taylor, The Ethics of Caring