Church of Tzaddi

Experiencing the infinite, loving, co-creative presence of the Divine

10. Mutual Emergence Doc Min

Fostering Lesson 10. Mutual Emergence

Summary of skill

  • Our task as spiritual leaders is to recognize and foster mutual emergence.
    • Recognizing = becoming aware that in any situation, a higher consciousness is operating, not only through you, but also through others, and through the “spaces in between”—the silences, the pauses, the “empty space”
    • Fostering = allowing the higher consciousness to lead and teach the community as it reveals itself in different facets, through particular individuals, on behalf of the whole.
  • When you recognize mutual emergence, you are drawing on the co-creative field of being and becoming.
    • You go beyond your ego’s sense of what is “right order” and into the unknown mystery of a higher order coming into manifestation.
    • You are awakened out of some residual pockets of isolation.
    • You more fully perceive your vulnerability and interdependence, and the gift of being human and in fellowship with other human beings on this planet, at this time.


  • Reflection: tell a story in your journal of a time you experienced and recognized mutual emergence
  • Partner exercise: Tell your story while your partner practices Active Compassionate Listening; switch roles

Resources for reflection & discussion

  • Peter Block, Community: The Structure of Belonging, pp. 123 – 143, conversations
  • Core Lesson 003, Amy Skezas, Intention, Manifesting, & Spiritual Growth pp. 10-11, “Surrender”
  • Michael Herman, Open Space Technology
  • Christina Baldwin & Ann Linnea, The Circle Way: A Leader in Every Chair, Part III, The Art of Presence in Circle, pp. 95 – 106 “Story as Core Communication,” pp. 107 – 126 “Activating & Responding in a Social Container,” pp. 127 – 142 “Why Circle Takes Us to the Shadow,” and pp. 143 – 160 “Circle as Support for Collective Healing”