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3. Vocation Doc Min

Fostering Lesson 3. Vocation

Summary of skill 

  • Vocation aligns and connects your inner truth and your outward expressions of growth and service
  • Energy level: this creates synergy, well-being, synchronicity
  • Attending to vocation is doing regular check-ins to notice how you are doing, whether you are aligned, what is calling for refinement, etc


  • Discussion: Vocation is God/Goddess/Great Mystery’s or life’s call to you, and your response; and your call to God/Goddess/Great Mystery or life, and its response, 
  • for growth and for service. Why are you here? Who are you? Vocation is your possibility being made manifest, and your contribution to community. 
  • Reflection and journaling:
    • A. What are your core values—what do you care about most passionately?
    • B To which area(s) in fostering spiritual community are you most drawn?
    • C. In these area(s), on your spiritual path
      • i. What is next for you to learn?
      • ii. What is next for the people you serve?
      • iii. How does this fit in with the needs of
        • a. Your community?
        • b. The planet?
    • D. What is most difficult for you about yourself (your sacred wound)?
    • E. How does your sacred wound fit in with this choice of focus for your pastoral care activities?
    • F. Into which of the “minister categories” in Tzaddi would you place your fostering spiritual community? 
      • Spiritual growth
      • Education
      • Community service
      • Healing & reconciliation
      • Support & encouragement
      • Witnessing
      • Work place presence
      • Surrender
      • Prayer & forgiveness
      • Relationship transformation
      • Worship
      • Congregational care
      • Other (you propose)

Resources for reflection & discussion