Church of Tzaddi

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3. Vocation HC

Partnering Lesson 3. Vocation

Summary of skill

  • Vocation aligns and connects your inner truth and your outward expressions of growth and service
  • Energy level: this creates synergy, well-being, synchronicity
  • Attending to vocation is doing regular check-ins to notice how you are doing, whether you are aligned, what is calling for refinement, etc


  • Discussion: Vocation is God/Goddess/Great Mystery’s or life’s call to you, and your response; and your call to God/Goddess/Great Mystery or life, and its response, for growth and for service. Why are you here? Who are you? Vocation is your possibility being made manifest, and your contribution to community.
  • Reflection and journaling:
    • A. What are your core values—what do you care about most passionately
    • B To which area(s) in spiritual healing & counseling are you most drawn?
    • C. In these area(s), on your spiritual pathC. In these area(s), on your spiritual path
      • i. What is next for you to learn?
      • ii. What is next for the people you serve?
      • iii. How does this fit in with the needs of
        • a. Your community?
        • b. The planet?
      • D. What is most difficult for you about yourself (your sacred wound)
      • E. How does your sacred wound fit in with this choice of focus for your pastoral care activities?

Resources for reflection & discussion