Church of Tzaddi

Experiencing the infinite, loving, co-creative presence of the Divine

7. Hospitality HC

Partnering Lesson 7. Hospitality

Summary of skill

  • Generating heart-based, inclusive receptivity
    • Energy skill
    • Personality attitude
    • Body language
    • Walking your talk of spiritual love


  • Discussion: This skill calls for you to practice opening your heart to include others who are not so easy to like or to reach and to be receptive to their needs and state of being. You may not be invited by them to give service; you may not be called by God or life to engage with them; but, this skill asks you to be open to engaging with them, to make a receptive space of possibility, and then to see what emerges.
  • Notice: body sensations; body language; how are you feeling? Being connected with yourself as a feedback source.

    Wholeness/split: There are different parts of yourself, some more hospitable than others. Sub-personalities; soul retrieval; dissociation; PTSD; lots of names for the idea of “not whole and fully present.” It’s okay that you are this way; you are human; it’s part of why you are here, for fulfillment and healing of these parts, and your spiritual healing and counseling will bring you face-to-face with parts in yourself that are longing at a deep level to be brought into your heart and included.

  • Partner Exercise: What parts of you are inhospitable, exclusive, non-receptive? When they come up, how do you receive them or include them? What did you learn about hospitality as a child? Whose hospitality inspires you? What gets you into a hospitable way of being?

Resources for reflection & discussion

  • Rainer Marie Rilke, “You are the future,” in Robert Bly, ed., The Soul is Here for Its Own Joy, p.105