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In our seminary we explore developing spiritual consciousness through vocation, a sense of inner calling/direction that comes from Spirit. The most important question to ask yourself as you consider our seminary is: Do I want more spiritual growth and development in my life, right now? We offer different kinds of educational opportunities: stand-alone classes; a seminary Core Curriculum preparatory program required for all students who are entry into an ordination program; and formal seminary vocational programs leading to ordination at three different levels, each one building on the level that comes before: Spiritual Healer CounselorMinister, and Doctor of Ministry. Each one of these will foster more spiritual growth and development, even if you have been "at it" already for many years. We develop our awareness to better sense our spiritual purpose, and the movement of the spiritual in our lives—the inner radiance that sustains, nourishes, uplifts, heals, and inspires us. We are focused on spiritual growth and service. We encourage development of the spiritual gifts of higher consciousness, and integration of higher light into our physical, emotional, and mental bodies, following the guidance of Tzaddi Founder Amy Kees: “Each one has a teacher of the ‘Divine’ that comes ... when you become curious ... enough to ask,

Who am I?’ ‘What am I here for?’ ‘What is my purpose in life?’

These are the beginning questions that bring a burning desire in you to start your journey upward ... You are on Earth to learn, to experience and to progress ... You learn and receive compassion in your heart for yourself and for your fellowmen, through these experiences; you will become a ‘Power Light’ to serve those around you.” We welcome students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, gender identity, and sexual orientation. We are an interspiritual community and we welcome people of Jewish, Christian, First Nations, pagan, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and other spiritual orientations,  so long as they are aligned with our 21 Principles and our Ethics Code. We focus on cultivating inner beauty and spiritual love, light, and flow, rather than on adherence to any particular text, ritual, or creed. We often do our spiritual meetings in circle, following PeerSpirit Circle Guidelines. Our students are light workers, energy workers, spiritual healers, mystics, spiritual counselors, visionary leaders, and spiritual teachers. Many have decades of experience and previous training in these fields. For students who do not have previous experience, we can recommend home study options to get started. Our school does not provide career training, but, spiritual formation development training and professional development training aligned with the philosophy of Spiritual Directors International. We do not provide job placement or employment services for graduates.

Tuition & Fees


  • $100 nonrefundable application fee when enrolling in seminary, before beginning Core Curriculum
  • $875 tuition for Core Curriculum, payable in five (5) installments of $175
  • $975 total tuition and fees; all incoming seminary students, whether first-timers or returning students, must complete the Core Curriculum one time before moving on to a higher level program; most of the study materials are free downloads on this website; a few must be purchased online from other vendors

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