Church of Tzaddi

Experiencing the infinite, loving, co-creative presence of the Divine

21 Principles

Although we come from different backgrounds, we share the following beliefs. We do not maintain that these beliefs are the only valid ones; we recognize that all belief systems are part of the Universal Truth, but in our Tzaddi spiritual path, these are the 21 Tzaddi Principles that guide our practices:

1. We believe in supporting the highest and greatest good for all. We acknowledge each person’s Truth or chosen path, and accept that it is their reality. All are a part of the Universal Truth, which we are all seeking.

2. We choose to walk a path that is in keeping with our Truth and our nature. We actively support only those realities or Truths that honor growth and free will rather than seek to do harm or manipulate others.

3. We believe that God is love.

4. We believe that the lessons we experience come from our own free will, either voluntarily, in loving sacrifice*, or through having taken an action against our own Truth. We believe that the responsibility for our lessons lies solely with ourselves and that internal responsibility is different from outside “blame.”

5. We believe there are no real “failures” in life, only varying levels of success depending on how we create our own learning experiences.

6. We believe that each incarnated soul chose this life with full awareness of its primary relationships and the lessons that it wanted to learn. It is a part of each person’s path to become more aware of this life’s plan and to work through the lessons and to achieve conscious union with the soul.

7. We acknowledge our direct access to all higher energies including the Creator of the Universe, and that this access is limited only by the degree of our love, clarity, and intent.

8. We believe that humankind can obtain divine guidance directly through our intuitive abilities, through direct channeling of energies of Light or from the Power within and that this is limited only by our love, clarity, and intent.

9. We believe that humankind has innate intuitive abilities which many persons have not yet actively developed. We know that these are gifts given to us by God to be used in our world tasks.

10. We believe that our physical body is the material expression and vehicle of the soul. We believe that each personality is here to learn the limitations of its beliefs, and to learn from and expand the wisdom of the soul.

11. We believe that all paths lead to God and that we have been given free will on this planet to choose a multitude of paths and corresponding lessons (karma).

12. We believe that we are all connected and that denying this innate unity produces conflicts and frustrations which we experience in our relationships.

13. We believe that Jesus of Nazareth literally performed miracles as recorded in the Bible. We believe that we have the potential to do so as well and that we are limited only by the degree of our love, clarity, and intent.

14. We believe that there is ancient knowledge which has been hidden for thousands of years which is now being made known to those whose intent is pure and who will use it for the betterment of humankind and the Earth.

15. We believe that the source of scientific knowledge is of sacred origin and that the scientist only cements all new knowledge into this ‘reality’ with theories and experiments. We believe that there are forces and energies currently unknown, whose effect can be observed in the laboratory. We believe that enlightened scientists are finding that these phenomena can be measured and explained.

16. We acknowledge the existence and missions of the Angelic and Devic kingdoms.

17. We acknowledge the laws of this society. We take responsibility for having chosen to incarnate and live here and we understand that we have the freedom to move elsewhere if we do not feel in harmony with this society and its laws.

18. We acknowledge the uniqueness and preciousness of the children. We are sensitive to their special needs and aware of their future missions of service in the light.

19. We acknowledge that we are not alone in the universe but, whether we desire it or not, are part of an interplanetary society. While we acknowledge the space brotherhood and other extraterrestrials, we still own our responsibility to discern truths from untruths and to distinguish those working in the light from those working blindly.

20. We acknowledge the gravity of the planetary environmental balance and support those who, out of love for Mother Earth, work to preserve, protect, and reclaim the environment, returning it back to its natural balance.

21. We acknowledge that we have entered a new millennium, living in exciting times as prophesied in revelatory material. We believe in the cycles of life, and that after destruction, creation follows. We believe that in times of upheaval, disturbance, and chaos there is always hope, and we focus on the seeds of better tomorrows.