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A New Age, A New Spiritual Office

Our planet is in the process of making a shift between the Piscean and the Aquarian astrological ages. Mystics and prophets of many different cultures have foreseen this shift for centuries (Book of Revelations, various Native American traditions, etc.). Many different strands of change are combining to produce this shift. As the earthchanges “heat up” old forms will dissolve and be destroyed as a part of the healing that these changes bring, in much the same way that cells in your physical body must die in order to make a space for new cells. Our physical bodies regenerate completely every seven years. Remembering that so much change is always going on within us can help us to be strong as we see change occurring around us. To read about this in more detail, download the PDF document Our Vocation in the New Age, below.

What kind of changes might we see? The prophecies do speak of war and destruction, but there are other changes happening as well, that herald the birth of the new. Here are some suggestions from the guidance of Amy Skezas:

  • Our telepathic connections will grow. It began with global communication through radio, then television, and now the Internet. The Internet is an outer manifestation of thought connection. The transmission of information and the extent of touching minds across the globe that we now take for granted were unimaginable even thirty years ago. These gridworks of world-wide thought connection are the precursors to, and supporters of, a new form of social interaction in which we are less dependent on traveling to join together in person, in one place. We can join together from wherever we are, and the connections are real, nourishing, and meaningful.
  • Our cultural values will change. Jesus of Nazareth came at the shift of the last age, to herald and demonstrate what was possible through His incarnation of Christ Consciousness. This illuminating and enlightening, higher vibrational consciousness will be more fully expressed by many individuals during the Aquarian Age. More people will be drawn to explore and express Christ Consciousness, even if they have no formal religious affiliation and do not consider themselves religious in any way; even if they do not relate to Jesus as their teacher. This enlightening consciousness will be called by many names, and it is needed to help us thrive in the changing times. Anyone who can help others understand what is happening and provide practical, compassionate teaching or guidance will be needed and appreciated. Many of these light workers will not be in overtly religious or even spiritual positions.
  • We will have a strong call to re-connect with the sacred feminine and the Earth. The Earth will respond with love and we will experience this in many ways—in our gardens, in our connection with food and nourishment, and in our collective lives, as awareness dawns of the need to co-create new systems of sustainable living. This is part of our sacred work.
  • Our emotions and beliefs will evolve. There will be huge amounts of fear, anger, and grief as old structures and institutions dissolve, especially in the time period when the old forms are letting go and the new forms have not yet set up. People will feel betrayed and abandoned by the people and institutions to which they gave away their power and discernment. This manifests in the popular imagination as conspiracy theories, survivalist scenarios, and so forth. People need to move beyond blame and to find new ways of taking care of themselves and their loved ones. A great deal of calm and flow can be established by simply noticing that we do in fact know how to take care of ourselves. Let us begin doing that more fully, right now.

Tzaddi is designed to foster and train people who can be of spiritual service in this massive shift of energy. Individually and collectively, we continue to develop understanding of our place in society as spiritual helpers who chose to incarnate in this time of the New Age with all its attendant upheavals—personal, societal, and planetary. We fulfill our personal missions of spiritual healing, counseling, ministering, teaching, and leading drawing comfort and strength from our office as inter-spiritual metaphysical clergy. If you would like to take up this office, we invite you to join a formation program in our seminary. As a community, we are focused on continuing our spiritual growth; we are life-long learners.

Because our church is an inter-spiritual metaphysical organization, some of the connotations of “church” and “clergy” need softening and expanding so that understanding matches reality. We are, legally, a church and our clergy do officiate at weddings, minister to people in need of spiritual healing, counseling, teaching, etc. but we are different in that:

  • We are focused primarily on the movement of Spirit in our lives and in the lives of those we assist, rather than on the fulfillment of organizational goals such as conversion, enforcement of doctrine, etc.
  • We are decentralized. We have an organizing set of 21 Principles and an Ethics Code, to which our clergy adhere in their practices, but beyond this, people are free to express the movement of Spirit in their lives in the style that most appeals to them. In other words, we are more about substance, and less about form.
  • Many of our church structures reside in Spirit, and often manifest via teleconference and via the Internet, rather than in a bricks-and-mortar building with pews and an altar. While we do have light centers and clergy who offer in-person gatherings, as a collective, we reside in the spiritual reality that connects us.
  • Tzaddi does not pay our clergy for their work in the field. Clergy work as healers, counselors, ministers, teachers, and leaders in different ways, for example, through their own private practices or within clinics or in alliance with other helping organizations.
  • Our clergy move and serve as they are guided by Spirit rather than being placed somewhere by the organization.

“Strive to learn to help by giving out good, not by listening and agreeing with others;  but by learning to change the negative thoughts to constructive ones to live by. . . When someone comes to you with their troubles, calm them down. . . We need love and understanding for our fellow man and this is where a little psychology can help with problems.  Encourage new viewpoints.  When we recognize the only thing that separates us is our various beliefs, resolution is possible.  Ask your guidance for help and assistance.” (1)

(1) Amy Kees, “Truth as I See It,” Developing Spiritually, Volume 1.

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