Church of Tzaddi

Experiencing the infinite, loving, co-creative presence of the Divine

8. Co-Creative Field Min

Caring Lesson 8. Co-Creative Field of Being & Becoming

Summary of skill

  • A major shift point in the spiritual journey is when we realize that we creatively influence what occurs in our lives—that we are manifesting our reality, or, that we are willing to believe we might be manifesting our reality
  • Another level of this realization is the understanding that this process of creative manifestation is more complex than we originally perceived; that it is co-creative; that we have our part, but we are in a sea of other influences that intersect with our conscious intentions; think of the Tibetan Buddhist doctrine of interdepedent origination
  • This co-creative process can be understood at the personality or 3D reality level, and, it can also be understood at the energy level (psychic, subtle, causal, and nondual energy/consciousness levels)
  • Energy level: Co-creation occurs through a field of energy connections; this field is a ground of being that is rooted in the void and that extends into manifest reality as the “grounding” for every single thing that we think or do
  • Bring more attention to the energy level and let it inform your 3D life


  • Discussion: At any of these levels of “expanded” awareness, we can be aware of ourselves as individuals, and, also aware of ourselves as belonging to a field of energy that is larger than our individuality. Some people refer to this field as a morphogenic field (Rupert Sheldrake), a transpersonal field (Jungian psychoanalysts), a quantum field (Fritzjof Capra), or in other terms. There are many, many fields of energy to which we belong, at different levels of multidimensional reality. The field that is the focus of this particular skill is a field of creation energy as it exists within and among individual people; it is the action of a higher vibrational force that works through each of us in intelligence and harmony.
  • Partner exercise: Describe an experience with this co-creative field of being & becoming as your partner practices Active Compassionate Listening; switch roles; write up your session as client and write up your session as facilitator using the Practicum form (you can download the form using the link below)

Resources for reflection & discussion

  • Core Lesson 003, Amy Skezas, Intention, Manifesting, & Spiritual Growth, pp. 7, 9 – 10, “Overlighting Principle,” “Surrender”