Church of Tzaddi

Experiencing the infinite, loving, co-creative presence of the Divine

Spirit Gatherings 2022

This is an archive of recordings of some of our teleconference services for worship, spiritual growth, and development.

This is a place we preserve items of importance to our community. You are welcome to play these for your listening pleasure, and to share them with others. If you’d like to understand “who we are” and the “work we do” as a spiritual organization, these materials are a great way to get to know us. We ask that you hold these materials with respect, as the individuals who are sharing here are doing so from the heart, expressing themselves with vulnerability and openness. Thank you!


Meet and Greet Lorrain Weber
with Revs. Diane Wian


Mystic Temple Meditation
with Rev. Peggy Malnati


Love As An Energy Force
with Sue Rohweder


Giving and Receiving
with Rev. Ken


Great Work of Our Lives
with Bishop Raine Webber


Trusting and Receiving Higher Flow
with Sally Ekaireb


Commune with the Ethers
with Rev. Dr. Sue Rohweder


Creating a Home Altar
with Rev. Teresa Jayne